16" Black Wolf Multicolor Silicone

16" Black Wolf Multicolor Silicone

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We are bringing the king of the king scene right at your fingertips. Our 16" Black Wolf Silicone Plug is a sight of wonder. The elegant synthetic wolf faux is irresistible and inviting. The silicone plug will live up to your expectations.

Our 16" Black Wolf Silicone Plug is perfect for beginners. Silicone is soft, pliable and non-porous. The anus is packed with nerve endings, and even a little stimulation would cause ripples of pleasure. This silicone plug will hit all the right spots to help you achieve a mind-blowing orgasm. Our 16" Black Wolf Silicone Plug will feel heavenly inside.

This plug is also a perfect gift to your partner. It is lightweight and smooth. These are just added features of our 16" Black Wolf Silicone Plug. It is easy to clean and can be sterilized too. To clean the device, use warm water and mild soap. If you are particular with your hygiene, soak the device in boiling water for a few minutes. Be sure not to let it touch the bottom of the pot because it might cause deformities to the toy.

To clean the silicone plug with tail, always opt to hand wash. You can wash the faux fur using a conditioner or shampoo every once in a while. If these cleaning agents are not available, always use warm water and mild soap. After washing, always air dry the plugs and faux fur to avoid the spread of STDs. It is also wise not to share these devices with your partner. If it cannot be helped, cover the plug using a condom.

Our 16" Black Wolf Silicone Plug is a remarkable addition to your sex toy collection. Fantasy pet play is one of the many forms of play under the BDSM realm. The people who are into this play do not necessarily mean they want to have sex with an animal but to a person who dressed and acts like an animal.


Handle: Black

Plug: Black

Type tail plug

Handle: Wolf Fur

Plug: Silicone



Handle: about 35-40 cm (13.78 to 15.75 in.)

Plug:7 cm (2.76 in.)


Handle: N/A

Plug: 3 cm (1.18 in.)


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