16" Black Wolf Silicone

16" Black Wolf Silicone

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Wolves might be known as sly and cunning creatures of the night, but they also have some mischief and playfulness hidden inside their dark and dangerous personalities. Their diverse nature enables them to be impersonated by everyone and anyone. Unleash the beast within you and set your inner wild brute free when you take home the 16" Black Wolf Silicone Plug with you. You won't be able to forget the sensation that this will bring when you put it inside of you and flaunt that tail. To get the full experience, use your new anal sex toy under a full moon.

Before getting to enjoy the wonders of our 16" Black Wolf Silicone Plug, let us tell you what it has that makes it so alluring and seductive. The plug itself is made from high-quality medical grade 100% black color silicone that is safe to use inside your body. The size of the original teardrop shaped plug is enough for beginners to bear but at the same time, it's also the perfect ample size for anal professionals, you will never get bored of its mass and shape. Finally, when you've let the 16" Black Wolf Silicone Plug into your life, its long and bushy tail will give you a sense of luxury and pure bliss that you can't help but whip it all over.

As you now know, 16" Black Wolf Silicone Plug brings nothing but fulfillment and gratification all day every day. Experience the joy and excitement that every petplay person feels when they transform into a savage and hungry animal that's ready to devour their partner whole. They say you should be careful when you cross a big, bad wolf. But answer this, what if the wolf was you?


Handle: Black/Gray

Plug: Black

Type Tail Plug

Plug: Silicone



handle: 40cm (15.75 in.)

plug: 7cm (2.75 in.)



plug: 2.8cm (1.10 in.)


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