3" Shower Head Metal Enema

3" Shower Head Metal Enema

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Anal sex has its glories that is why it is safe to say that a lot of couples are into it because of all the wonderful pleasures they get out of it. Some have claimed that it's actually more orgasmic than sexual intercourse. But, before taking a dip into anal sex, it is important to know that maintaining anal hygiene can be tricky. That is why the 3" Shower Head Metal Enema is here to make that smooth and easy for you and your partner.

The 3" Shower Head Metal Enema may be used to replace the typical shower nozzle in your bathroom for you to have that deep and thorough cleaning right in the comfort of your home. Anal douching is an integral part of anal sex, something that you have to do time and again before the deed.

Douching is simply the cleaning of the anal walls with the use of water. With this process, you will be able to enjoy anal sex without worries. The plug measures 9 cm with a width of 3 cm, a very handy device that you can bring anywhere and use when you feel like you need to clean your backside.

This device is also made of premium aluminum that is safe to use and is completely hypoallergenic. Aluminum also facilitates smooth insertion in sex toys and will last for a very long time when properly handled and taken care of.

Anal sex can be extra fun when you have a well-cleaned behind. To do this, you have to be extra generous with your lubricant to be able to insert the shower enema with ease. Make sure you are in a comfortable position, take deep breaths to relax your sphincters then insert the shower plug inside your bum.

With the 3" Shower Head Metal Enema, cleaning your bum will be a sure delight! Buy now! 

Color Silver
Type Shower Enema

Handle: Aluminum

Plug: Aluminum

Length: 9 cm (3.54 in.)
Width: 3 cm (1.18 in.)

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