4" Silicone Vaginal or Anal Massager with Cock Ring

4" Silicone Vaginal or Anal Massager with Cock Ring

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Being horny all the time can be considered a gift. You may feel guilty about it as others don’t feel the same, but who really knows about it except you and your intimate partner? Instead of feeling guilty, celebrate this gift and complement it with a wonderful sex toy that is designed to enhance your self-pleasure or dual play. Meet the 4-Inch Silicone Vaginal or Anal Massager with Cock Ring!

Primed to complement your oozing libido, this anal/vaginal toy is always ready to provide the titillation for a much-anticipated intense orgasm. Use this during foreplay to intensify the heat and retain it all the way until the after play. The tapered build makes it ideal for building up the tension and once the thick base gets into your hole, you’ll be sensually ecstatic. Put your dick into the elastic ring and savor the rhythmic vibrations together with your anus and prostate. You can also give enormous erotic pleasure to her by inserting this toy into her delicate vagina. For sure, her head will be spinning wondering why you’ve never done this before. 

Since it’s made of silicone, it’s 100% safe to the sensitive walls of your bum and to her vagina. Silicone is a non-porous material that prevents bacteria build-up when properly cleaned. It’s also free from any carcinogenic phthalates so you can be confident putting this into yours or hers. The safe material makes your love-making worry-free and the only thing you need to think about is where to buy the best AAA battery that will outlast your play (battery is sold separately).

It’s super easy to clean as well. Wash off the leftover lube or fecal matter then soak it in warm water. With your hands, wash it thoroughly using anti-bacterial soap. Rinse and dry. 

If you’re yearning for an amazing orgasmic pleasure, look no farther than the 4" Silicone Vaginal or Anal Massager with Cock Ring. It surely is a great addition to your collection. We’ll send it to you in discreet packaging right away, so order yours now!

Color Black
Type Prostate Massager
Material  Silicone
Length  11 cm (4.33 in.)
Width  3.3 cm (1.30 in.)