Daddy's Cute Pussy, Chiming Collar
Daddy's Cute Pussy, Chiming Collar
Daddy's Cute Pussy, Chiming Collar
Daddy's Cute Pussy, Chiming Collar

Daddy's Cute Pussy, Chiming Collar

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Are you fascinated by cats? Well, we all are! Cats are cute, sweet but independent, and cuddly. Delight your papa by wearing this Daddy's Cute Pussy, Chiming Collar and get into a frisky pet play.

Although this handmade collar is made of synthetic leather, it still gives you the quality you expect from sturdy genuine leather. Available in white or black variant, this neckpiece is the perfect accessory to help you act out your pussy role. It comes with a bell that produces chimes when you move. With this bell on your neck, your master will always find you when you attempt to hide. The white variant has a touch of pink, particularly on its bell whereas the black one has a tinge of white. Walk on all fours with the confidence and graceful gait of a cat, and let the bell make a rhythmic tinkle.

All the hardware is made of premium metal, all polished for a clean look. Free from any sharp edges, these metal parts won't scratch your flawless, delicate skin. Designed just like a belt, it has five punch holes for adjustability. The user's comfort was our primary consideration and inspiration for its design, so wear it for as long as you want and have fun with it.

During your kitten play, make sure to enter the headspace of a cat so you can behave like one. To help you with that, buy a tail plug and cat's ears from out collection. You'll surely make your daddy's day when you purr and meow. The challenge for you is how you can ask a bowl of milk by simply using a cat's language.

At the end of a stressful day, all you want is to have fun and have a momentary escape from all the pressures real life brings. Enter a cat's playful world with our Daddy's Cute Pussy, Chiming Collar!

Color Black/White
Material Collar: Synthetic Leather, Metal
Length: 12.60-15.75 inches
Width: N/A