Suction Cup Plugs

What are the pros and cons of anal play? Let's start with the pros: one, it's free for all, male, female, or anyone in between can take advantage of anal play because everyone has a butthole; two, single, in a relationship, or married, anal play does not discriminate; three, you will never get bored with the provided options and upgrades if you want to change your style or take it to the next level. The only con that we have in mind is: sometimes, you have to do it alone. But that shouldn't worry you. Masturbation has been around since--well, ever. It's one of the safest forms of pleasuring yourself with a significant decrease in health risks and having full control over your desires and fetishes.

If the time comes or the time has already come that you're on your own and fulfilling your anal needs depends all on you, it's time to whip out some butt plugs that are designed just for that purpose. Suction plugs are intended for individual use, bathroom use, and can also be used by couples. Basically, this involves having a suction cup on the base of the plug so you can attach it anywhere and get to work without ever using your hands. Just sit tight and control the rhythm in many ways that you want. You'll find that pleasing yourself is a greater accomplishment as you do all the work and reap all the benefits. We're not limiting our suction cup plugs on just the single ladies and dudes, it's perfect for everyone. Whether you're a self-loving bachelor or bachelorette, or a couple who would like to let their partner sit back and enjoy the show.

Our suction cup plugs are made from high-quality and medical grade silicone and TPE. We make sure that the materials that we use for our anal sex toys are safe to use internally to avoid infections and other health complications. We have different shapes and sizes available so you can choose the right one for you. But one thing's for certain: all of the plugs have suction cup bases so you can attach it to any smooth surface for a hands-free ride. Now you can have fun and enjoy your sensual fantasies anywhere as you please. Your kitchen counters, tiled floors, bathtub, and even your shower can be a perfect place to fulfill your sexual desires.

Get ready to rock your body and shake your booty! With our wide variety of products, you're more than free to choose whichever style you want. Our shortest length is three inches for those who are starting out, and for the more experienced ones can try out our longest one at nine inches. Both silicone and TPE are available in different colors: black, blue, purple, pink, flesh, yellow, and green. We also have transparent variants for selected colors. Stick on one of our plugs and you can take on a wild journey anywhere you want!

Suction Cup Sex Toys - Quality, Comfort & Satisfaction! Experience anal pleasure all over the house with suction cups!