Love Plug Accessories

Before anything else, we at Loveplugs would like to congratulate you for taking a bold and brave step and welcoming one or more butt plugs in your home. You did the right thing in grabbing them from our store since we've always made sure that all our products are safe to use, easy to use, and most definitely fun to use. We're hoping that you'll continue to include us and our plugs in your journey to training and exploring your anus, as you discover other ways to satisfy and gratify yourself and your partner. But we're not stopping there.

We know for a fact that you treat your butt plugs like they're your most prized possessions. We are aware of how much you treasure them as we do the same. That's why we think it's a good idea that we add some other products and accessories that are ready to treat you and your butt plugs right. Think we're just gonna leave you hanging there? Think again. Because we definitely have more. Feel free to stick around and check out some of the other ways that we can introduce sexual pleasure. You can click on each product to find out more about them.

First off are two different sized storage bags, small and large, that are designed to keep your buttplugs safe and sound when you're not using them. You can even store other sex toys in them if you want to. They're perfect if you want to keep them away from prying eyes, no one will ever be able to guess what you have inside.

Sex is not complete without any stimulation, so we've decided to add in a couple of vibrators. Like the storage bags, the vibrators are also available in two different sizes so you can choose depending on your preference. You can adjust the vibration speed using the rotary switch at the end. These are not just suitable for the butt, but even the ladies can benefit from them by using the vibrators to stimulate their clitoris.

We also have a few accessories that can be worn during foreplay and the main event. One of them is a lace garter that can be worn on the thighs. A lace garter can be an excellent choice for enticing and seducing your partner for some much needed R&R. The other piece is a blindfold made from silky satin ribbon and it's available in three different colors. Due to the quality of its material, it's comfortable and soft enough to be used as long as you would like to.

Finally, we know that cleaning your butt plugs can be a chore sometimes. We hear you there, a rechargeable sanitizer is an order away. With the magic of UV, it's as simple as just leaving your anal sex toy in and it's ready to be used in your next adventure. The sterilizer can be used for most butt plugs and can also be used for other sex toys as well.

And there you have it. A few accessories guaranteed to make your days and nights better and more satisfying. Let's spruce your sessions up a bit, shall we?

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