Inflatable Butt Plugs

Here's how butt plugs work: slowly, they enter your butt, make their way through the canal, then, they take over your anus and stay there until you give in to the sensory stimulation of your sexual organs. Sometimes, you'll feel amazing, but there are times that you can't help but feel dull and bored. Chances are, you're so used to the sensation that your gaping hole doesn't really appreciate the filling anymore (pun intended). You tried our vibrating wands and even our extra large butt plugs, but they don't seem to give you the same feeling that you used to have when you were just starting out.

If you can relate to the situation that we mentioned above, then we have some bad news and some good news for you. The bad news is, your anus might have gotten used to all the plugging (or the pegging) and is not as tight as it used to be. Now, we have two pieces of good news for you: the first one is that your anal is fully trained and can take almost anything, the other good news is that we have something else for you to try. Stick your ass up and let it come alive with our inflatable butt plugs.

That's right. We are bringing you the big guys in this store. Our inflatable butt plugs can clearly compete with our extra large butt plugs. The only difference is that inflatable butt plugs are more versatile. You can use them on your partner or by yourself as it is, and when you're ready to try something bigger, just inflate the plug with the attached pumping bulb. It's as simple as that. Experiment with a few pumps while getting used to the feeling, and before you know it, you'll be pumping this baby to its full potential!

Our inflatable butt plugs are made from medical grade high-quality 100% materials. These are the only material that is stretchy enough to withstand a good number of air pumps from the included hand bulb. We also made sure that the materials used to make our butt plugs are safe to use inside the body and won't cause any damage or infections. Because of our strict standards to make sure that the toys you receive are of good quality, you can rest easy and just enjoy the ride. Depending on your chosen intensity for the pleasure trip, we have the options of tapered and dildo-shaped to keep you begging for more.

The road to anal domination is the road less taken by all. But when you reach the end of its peak, you'll discover that you can do almost anything. Choose from our two colors, flesh and black, to suit your tastes. Our inflatable butt plugs are for you if you have maxed out the potential of your anus or you're getting ready for a fisting of a lifetime. Pump up your dreams and fulfill your sexual fantasies with inflatable butt plugs. Go big or go home!

Have you always wanted to use a butt plug, but been too afraid to try it because of the size of them? Well fear no more, we have the perfect solution for you! Inflatable butt plugs!

What’s an inflatable butt plug you ask? Well, they’re just like regular butt plugs, but rather than being full sized they start off much smaller. You then add good old air and the plug gradually inflates to its full size. Each inflatable butt plug comes with an adjustable valve allowing you to control exactly how inflated it becomes. This means you can have the perfect size butt plug no matter the situation!

Simply insert the plug in the usual manner (which is much easier due to the smaller size of the deflated plug), then pump yourself to feelings of heaven!