His and Hers Butt Plugs

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Butt plugs are one of the universal sex toys that can be used by both genders. Everyone has a butt hole, and that is the only thing that you need to worry about when you're considering getting a butt plug of your own. Whether you're male or female, straight or not, it really doesn't matter because an anus is what's necessary. For years since they were first recognized as sex toys up until now, butt plugs are starting to become the ultimate choice for both singles and couples. The main reason that makes them so versatile is that it can be used by anyone. No matter what your relationship status or gender is, a butt plug will always be for you.

Let's take you back in time and do a quick history lesson. The first ever butt plugs that were recorded were from the 1890s. That's almost nearly two centuries now! But they weren't called as such, instead, they were called "rectal dilators" and they were only prescribed to men. Yes, we said "prescribed" as the rectal dilators were only then supposed to be used for medicinal purposes, and it had to be prescribed by a doctor before you were allowed to purchase them. It sure was quite difficult to get a hand of them back in those days, we're lucky we're living in the present. It was not known as to which specific ailment it was targeted for, but after a few decades, the dilators were confiscated by the authorities after conveying false advertisements and claiming to even treat acne and insomnia. Records are claiming that a fair amount of people who have been prescribed of this "medicine" are also using it for their own recreational purposes, and the rest is history.

Nowadays, butt plugs are more than common. It's become a way of life for people who have a sexually active lifestyle. Those who live on by pleasure must at least have an anal sex toy. The good news is that butt plugs never discriminate. As long as you have a thing for plugs and you have a butt, then there's no reason why you can't get one. For this very purpose, we compiled some of our best performing anal sex toys that are suitable for all genders. Our his and hers butt plugs can easily stimulate a man's prostate or a woman's vaginal wall. All genders will benefit, and all genders will achieve orgasm. It's a win-win situation.

You can easily go for our classic silicone ones with flat or anchor base handles for an easier grip. But if you want to add a little sparkle and oomph up your ass, then we have stainless steel butt plugs with a faux gemstone to add some glamour and shine. Want to get a little kinky and playful? Be as soft and gentle as an animal when you start to use our butt plugs with animal tails. You can be a bunny, a fox, a wolf, and more! The choice is up to you.

We have a lot more different types of butt plugs to cater to your needs, and since they're all for him or her, it really doesn't matter which ones you choose. Satisfy and pleasure yourself with our multitude of products in this collection. Don't decide too long. Why just get one when you can collect all?

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