Devil Tails

Fulfilling your erotic fetishes and sensual dreams can be a challenge. Not everyone is determined to keep their partner happy and contented. Many would agree that to make a relationship last, you need to compromise, allocate certain duties and responsibilities, keep things balanced and equal. But have you ever been in a partnership where it's always you who has to settle? What does it take for you to keep your partner satisfied? How far are you willing to go through to give them the ultimate pleasure of their lives? What are you determined to do in order to strengthen and keep the bond between you and your partner?

Lucky for you, we have the answer to that. First off, you're here for one or a few reasons: one, you're looking for other ways to share your sexual exploits to your partner; two, you got lost in the hundreds of butt plugs that we're offering and you just can't make up your mind; three, the name might have pushed your curiosity button and think we have some devil tail butt plugs. Not yet though, we're working on that. For the meantime, we've got something else in mind. Something that can channel your inner devil and get rid of that goody-two-shoes personality inside of you.

You can expect some of our best animal tails in this collection that are all fit for a demon so you can be daddy's or mommy's little devil. We made sure that all of the devil tails that are added--as well as the ones that will be added in the future--can only be made from high-quality materials: be it medical grade silicone that is phthalate-free, BPA-free, and latex-free; stainless steel that will never rust or deteriorate; or glass that is either Pyrex or borosilicate, both of which are the most recommended glass types to use for sex toys (especially butt plugs). Different shapes and sizes for the plugs will also be available to make your plug personal and intimate.

And since we're talking about devils, we at Loveplugs wanted to compile all our animal tails that look and feel like they've been personally chosen by the god of the underworld himself. All the devil tails that you will see here are either black and red with a few splashes of color in between. The tails can be made from different materials depending on the type of animal, but you can still be assured that like the plugs, they're also ensured to be high-quality. Choose your own length, style, pattern, and level of fluffiness to suit your needs.

These are the two most critical words that we want to impose on this collection: sexy and seductive. Devil tails are meant for those who love breaking the rules and do their own thing. These can also be for the innocent ones on the outside but in reality, they're a little rebel at heart. Why be your partner's little slave when you can show some good and give them the attention that they deserve? With our devil tails, you can finally do just that.