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Shake your booty from the inside and out with our Anal Vibrators collection!

If you're ever wondering how you can make your anal fun even better, you can bring in some good vibes. Anal vibrators can give you the fullness of a butt plug and the stimulation of a vibrator. Here at Loveplugs, you can find the one that knocks up on the right spots at your backdoor!

Our Anal Vibrators collection consists of a wide array of vibrating anal plugs. You can choose from different types of plugs that come with a wireless remote. With that in mind, you can easily have access to various modes. Most of the toys in this collection can provide you 10 to 12 modes of anal fun. Moreover, you have a chance to try out different anal vibrators depending on your needs. There are beaded ones, curved ones, and rotating ones. You can stir up your deepest desires!

Exploring your hole is a breeze with our Anal Vibrators collection! Made from high-quality medical-grade silicone, you can have both comfort and efficiency with these amazing toys. Additionally, the material goes through several quality control processes. This ensures that you're safe from any harmful substances like latex, BPA, and phthalate. You're bound to have a worry-free "butt-iful" experience. Furthermore, silicone also provides enhanced flexibility to the toy. This allows you to reach all the sweet spots in your booty!

Aside from the well-thought-of design and material of our Anal Vibrators collection, you'll "ass-solutely" have a great time using the toys! To get you started, you can start by putting some water-based lubricant on your anus and your toy. In addition, you can place one or two fingers inside to open your hole. With these two easy steps, you can prepare yourself for an "ass-pectacular" session!

When you're all set, you can enjoy the toys any way you want. From the delectable choices, you can experience different stimulations for your precious bum. When you're alone, you can easily put it in and control how much sensation you want. You can feel your insides churn to your heart's desire even on your own. Moreso, you can use it to take your relationship to the next level. You can give the remote to your partner and have them take over your delight. With the remote control, they can also stimulate your other erotic zones. To take things to the next level, you can even bring your anal play outside!

Once you're finished using the bountiful toys in our Anal Vibrators collection, you can easily clean up. With just water and mild soap, you can easily take care of the toys. After drying, you can store them in a safe place. You have to make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight and any volatile substances like alcohol or acetone. By following these simple steps, you can shiver your timbers all you want!

Get behind on some good vibes with your very own orgasmic toys from our Anal Vibrators collection!

Most of the time when you hear about a vibrator, your first thought will immediately jump to a vagina. Luckily though, there are more variants of vibrator than just the traditional vaginal kind. One that is particularly popular among both men and women is the anal vibrator.

Who Can Use an Anal Vibrator?

As I mentioned, these sex toys aren’t just designed for women. Anyone with an anus can use an anal vibrator, so basically, if you’re a person, they’ll be good for you. Vibrators and most sex toys in general are designed to stimulate nerve endings. These nerve endings in most cases aren’t just specific to men or women, as we are mostly built all the same.

The anus and rectum are absolutely filled to the brim with these nerve endings. The simple act of putting something inside the anus will stimulate them a huge amount. Even greater though, is the constant stimulation offered by an anal vibrator.

Using an anal vibrator doesn’t mean that you are gay, or that you prefer butt stuff or anything like that. It simply means that you are willing to explore other areas of your body, and experience pleasure in ways you might not have done before. Vibrators are great for this kind of exploration, as the actual stimulation of the nerves comes from the vibrations rather than rubbing or stroking by your hands. This leaves you much freer to experiment with the new sensations.

How Does It Feel?

The feelings of anal play in general can take a little getting used to. The first few times you use your finger or any toys, you’ll probably find it quite hard to enjoy. The main thoughts will be that something is in your butt, and it feels quite strange. This passes over time though, and when you can accept what is happening and be comfortable with it then the good feelings will usually follow.

The nerve endings in and around the anus are some of the most sensitive in the entire human body. When you get the hang of stimulating them, you’ll experience some of the most joyous senses of pleasure possible. These feelings are usually different from person to person, so it’s hard to say that you will definitely feel this or that. You’ll need to do some exploring on your own, and figure out what you like yourself.

To reach these heights of sexual pleasure, you do need to be careful though.While being incredibly sensitive, the anal nerve endings are also very delicate.

Moving things in and out of your anus too rapidly, or without enough lubrication, is a sure-fire way to give yourself some anal tearing.

This can be very painful, and people who experience it are often put off anal play for good.

Men in particular have access to a fantastic source of vibrating anal pleasure; the prostate. This little gland is often called the male G-spot, and can be the source of some of the most intense feelings found anywhere in the body. Some lucky guys can even achieve new heights of multiple orgasms just from prostate stimulation. A type of stimulation that a vibrator is perfect for.

Whoever you are, whatever your gender, or sexual persuasion, vibrators can bring you a new type of pleasure that you might have never even though possible. So, don’t be shy, grab one today and see for yourself!

Just as with any anal sex toys, anal vibrators carry with them their own unique set of risks and dangers. It’s important to be aware of these, as being caught off guard with any kind of anal play can result in a quick trip to the emergency room. Don’t worry though! By the end of this article you should be fully aware of what could go wrong, and how to prevent it.

Losing Your Vibrator

Perhaps the most commonly worried about risk is losing your vibrator inside your rectum. If you use a traditional vaginal vibrator on your anus, this risk is increased tenfold. There is nothing to stop it slipping inside you, and once something has passed the sphincters it will continue travelling upwards, towards your colons and intestines.

To avoid this, you should make sure that your vibrator, or anything else you insert into your anus for that matter, has a flared base. These come in many forms, some being more comfortable than others, or less obvious if worn below clothing. You can usually find a base to suit exactly how you plan on using your vibrators, just make sure it has a base.

Vibrator Size

Size is a less dangerous aspect of anal vibrators but still an important one. The anal muscles and nerve endings are very sensitive, and going from never using them to throwing anything you can find into your butt is a sure way to get some anal tearing. You should always start off on the smaller end of the scale, working your way up to the larger vibrators when you feel ready and comfortable. Like a lot of sex, it’s a lot more about how you use it, rather than the size. With a bit of practise, even the smaller vibrators will feel great until you’re ready to move up.


It’s important that you’re using the right kind of lube too. We’ve been over it countless times on this site, so I’m only going to say the most important part. Don’t use silicone lube with a silicone toy! It can break down the surface of the vibrator and cause all kinds of nasty stuff to get inside you.

Lubrication is probably the most important aspect of all anal play. It’s no different with vibrators, and going at it dry will lead to chaffing, irritation, tearing, or even bleeds. Whenever you plan to insert something anally, make sure it is dripping with lube, so it will slide in nice and easy and painlessly.


When buying anal vibrators, you should always try to choose one made of a non-porous material. How porous something is basically referring to the size of the pores which make up the material. Sex toy materials classed as porous contain pores large enough for bacteria to get inside the material. This isn’t the case for non-porous materials, so they are much easier to keep clean and much safer overall. Non-porous materials include steel, silicone and glass.

Wear and Tear

Everything we own gradually wears out over time. This is equally as true with sex toys. Over time small cracks may start to appear in the surface of the material, or even sharp parts. Any of these signs of wear can make a vibrator uncomfortable to use, or even dangerous if any edges have become sharp and can cut or tear your delicate anal tissue.

Anal vibrators are generally one of the safest anal sex toys out there, so try not to be discouraged. As long as it has a base, is made of a non-porous material, and cared for properly, your anal vibrator should bring you pleasure for many years to come.

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