Anal Hooks

The Complete Guide To Anal Hooks

The anal hook. One of the more “out there” parts of any sexual toolbox. While having someone discovering your dildos or butt plugs could lead to a potentially embarrassing conversation, if someone comes across an anal hook in your house you’ll more than likely be met with a “What’s this?” response. This ignorance isn’t just limited to real world encounters. A cursory google search will quickly show you that anal hooks aren’t actually discussed all that much.

There’s good reason for this. Anal hooks tend to go hand in hand with bondage and other BDSM practises and understandably people aren’t as keen to discuss these parts of their sex lives as often. We’re here to lift the veil on all the joy that can come from the use of anal hooks, and make sure you’re fully prepared for some of the more adventurous aspects of sexual pleasure that you can experience.

What are anal hooks?

So the first, and perhaps most obvious question, is what are anal hooks? These devices have been around for longer than you might expect. They are mostly attributed to medieval times, in which hooks were often used as part of torture devices. Nowadays though, anal hooks are a little less painful (unless you want them to be), and can be used as part of a more pleasurable sexual experience.

Most anal hooks will be very similar in design, taking on a U or J shape. One end is meant for insertion, and will often have a ball on the end for extra stimulation. The other end remains outside of the body, and tends to have a ring at the top which rope can be attached to, making them a firm favourite for those who like a bit of bondage in the bedroom.

Whatever the design of your hook, they are most often made of surgical grade stainless steel, which helps with keeping them clean and sanitized.

How are anal hooks used?

Unsurprisingly, anal hooks are mostly used anally. This is mostly for the best, as that’s what the hooks are designed for. Some adventurous souls though, have tried using anal hooks vaginally. While nothing bad will happen doing this, I’d advise against it, as the hooks aren’t really the right shape for vaginal use so they’re likely to slip out.

With most sex toys, the main thing you’ll be wondering is how to actually use them during sex. With anal hooks, you’ll probably find it difficult to find much information about this. It’s pretty safe to say that you can use anal hooks in basically any scenario you’d use a butt plug or dildo in the bedroom, and with the correct positioning, it’s even possible to get a sense of double penetration with them. Just be sure to check that the external part of the hook is positioned comfortably, and isn’t rubbing or digging in to other parts of your body.

Why do people use anal hooks?

So if hooks are used in almost any situation you’d use a butt plug, why would you bother with a hook? Cold hard steel is the main reason. Where many butt plugs are flexible and adapt to the inside of your butt, anal hooks don’t. The position you place them in will dictate exactly how restrictive they will be, but the idea is that rather than adapting to your body and movement, the hook will force you to stay much more still.

The real draw of anal hooks is something for more advanced users. Being able to tie rope to the end of the hook makes them a huge favourite amongst people interested in bondage or shibari. When you wear a hook as part of a bondage session or “scene”, you completely surrender yourself to the whims of the partner or master.

To some, using an anal hook is viewed as a kind of final test. Having the hook inside you while being tied into certain positions can make it difficult to even make slight movements without experiencing discomfort at best, and pain at worst. To let another tie you in this way is an act of complete trust in both your partner, to be completely in control of your body, and in yourself, to be able to stay so still for extended periods of time.

Even if you aren’t in the mood for some complete submission, an appropriately tied set of bondage ropes used with an anal hook can still be a lot of fun. The ropes themselves are intended to be tied in a way that applies pressure to certain areas of the body, including the inside of the butt. Finding the right position can give you massive amounts of pleasure. It can be taken even further by something called predicament bondage, in which a person gets to choose between one of two positions. One position is often pleasurable, the other uncomfortable or painful, making it a challenge to see how long you can stay comfortable.

What you might feel using an anal hook...

What you actually feel during almost any kind of anal penetration is quite a personal thing, so it’s difficult to say “you’ll feel this or that”. There are a bunch of different possibilities, so I’ll try to cover as many as I can for those of you who want a bit of a heads up before you buy your own hook.

In terms of enjoyment, it’s going to help if you actually enjoy anal penetration. If you don’t like having penis’, dildos, or butt plugs in your butt, chances are you aren’t going to enjoy an anal hook either. If you do like being entered anally though, then you’ll probably experience many of the same feelings you would with other toys. While they won’t fill you up in quite the same way, and definitely aren’t going to stretch anything, anal hooks will still give you the additional stimulation of having something up there.

Any balls that are on the end or stem of your hook will likely feel very similar to using anal beads, and after each ball passes the sphincter you’ll probably feel a bit of a pop as the sphincter returns to normal. Experimenting with inserting and removing your hook may prove quite pleasurable, as you’ll be constantly stimulating the sensitive nerve endings around the anus. This can feel even better as you approach orgasm.

For men, the balls on the end of the hooks can also give you some fantastic stimulation of the prostate. Even just having it in while doing other things, or during sex, can give men a fantastic bit of stimulation on the gland. Some lucky guys are even able to experience orgasm solely from prostate stimulation, although if this is your aim you’ll probably be better off with a prostate massager rather than an anal hook.

Things that might not feel as nice...

Here’s where it gets a little complicated. Many people use anal hooks, but don’t actually take any physical pleasure in it. I know it sounds a little weird, but stick with me on this.

Anal hooks, being made of stainless steel, are very inflexible and somewhat unforgiving. Once it’s inside, it isn’t going to adapt to your body or move around with you. Most of your movements will be going against the hook, in some cases being quite uncomfortable. This is where bondage comes in.

By restraining the partner who the hook is inserted to, their movement becomes more limited. It is possible to tie people in such a way that the hook itself severely limits the range of movement available. When used in this way the hook encourages the wearer to be as still as possible, as while they are still things can be nice and pleasureable. If they move though, the hook won’t give them any sympathy and will probably feel at the very least uncomfortable, but sometimes even painful.

Most people won’t ever go this far with their sexual activities, but if you do, the chances are that it will be in some level of submissive/dominant style relationship. The combination of bondage, anal hook, and domination gives the overall experience a much more intense feeling, with the wearer being essentially at the mercy of the dominant, who has almost complete control over how much pleasure you feel. Trust is incredibly important in this or you’ll probably find that you won’t be able to truly relax and enjoy the experience but will instead worry. I’d never recommend attempting with a stranger.

Finally there are the even less common situations of sadism and masochism. These two are basically taking sexual enjoyment in the giving and receiving of pain. It’s not something I’m going to go into a lot of detail about here, but if it’s something you do enjoy then an anal hook is a great addition to your toolbox..

Insertion of an anal hook

Inserting an anal hook is almost identical to any other anal toy. You’re going to want lube, and lots of it. Any kind of lube will be safe with a typical stainless steel hook, but many people choose to use an anal specific lube. These tend to be oil based, and last much longer than regular lube so if you’re planning on using your hook for long periods of time it might be worth checking them out.

With lube and hook in hand, you’re going to want to get everything completely covered. This includes your anus, and even the inside of your butt. If you think you’ve used enough you probably haven’t so really go nuts. If you have any difficulty getting the lube inside your anus and rectum, there are lube shooters available which are basically syringes for lube. They make the process much easier.

When it’s time to insert the hook, you need to be calm and relaxed. When tense, the anal muscles also tense so it becomes much more difficult to get anything in. When properly relaxed, the muscles should be much more willing to open up and accept a foreign object. An added bonus with anal hooks, is that once the muscles have opened up for the ball part (if you have one), the rest should slide in fairly easily due to how narrow hooks typically are.

While hooks are probably some of the simplest things to get inside you, there are a couple of key things to watch out for. You need to be sure that the hook doesn’t go in too far. This will largely depend on the length of the hook you buy, as well as the length of the rectum it is going in. While butt plugs or dildos will typically bend a little if they reach a wall, a hook won’t, so you don’t want to puncture anything by forcing you hook somewhere it shouldn’t be.

The other thing to pay attention to is the position you are in when it is inserted. Most articles and posts I’ve read recommend you either lie on your stomach or side while the hook is inserted. As I said earlier, information is sparse, so I couldn’t really find any real reason for this, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Varieties of anal hooks

While many anal hooks are very similar in design, there is some variety available so you can find the exact one that tickles your fancy. Nearly all will follow the basic U or J shape, and be made of stainless steel. The rest of the hook is entirely up to the manufacturers imagination though, and can feature some of the following:

  • A ball on the insertion end: These balls are sometimes removable so you can buy larger or smaller sizes if you prefer. They screw on to the end of the hook so will remain very secure during use as long as you screw them on correctly.

  • Multiple balls: Some hooks have more than one ball, moving from the end of the insertion part and further up the stem. These can be all grouped together, or spaced out along the stem, and will probably give you a very similar feeling to anal beads.

  • No balls at all: These hooks will have a simple rounded off piece at the tip so that you can still insert it safely. You’ll need to stretch a lot less to fit these ones in so they can be better for beginners. If your hook has no ball on the end then ensure that the tip is rounded and not sharp. Never insert sharp objects into the anus!

  • Patterns or twists: Hooks with patterns on will often generate different feelings during use to the standard straight stem. These are a little less common, but they are out there. You’ll probably have to just give them a go to find what you like.

  • Cock rings: An anal hook doesn’t just have to have attachments on the insertion end. Some are designed to wrap around the front of the body, rather than the back. While these will usually be less suitable for bondage, they can still be fun, and give the penis some great stimulation at the same time. They can also be very useful for maintaining erections in men who struggle to keep it up once something enters the anus.

  • Cock cages: The ultimate device to hand control of your pleasure to a partner. A man can lock up the penis while having his anus filled too, meaning nothing is getting in or out without permission. Perfect for the submissive man.

  • Vaginal chastity devices: Just like men can hand their precious parts over to their partners, so too can women.

Bondage and Anal Hooks

As I mentioned earlier, anal hooks are a firm favourite amongst bondage fans due to the inflexible nature of the hook forcing the wearer to remain very still, just as the ropes do too. While I’m not going to give you a full guide to bondage in this article, it is still worth going over. There are two types of bondage in which anal hooks can be very useful, predicament bondage and suspension bondage.

Predicament bondage is the simpler of the two to perform. It is essentially where the person tied is given choices in which position they stay in. Neither choice is usually particularly pleasureable, leaving the person choosing between the lesser of two evils, or resting one part of their body while stressing another. Using a hook during this bondage allows you to make very precise positions as the hook will control many aspects of the tied persons movement.

Suspension bondage is where someone’s entire body is tied and held in the air by the ropes. While hooks are great for this kind of play or scene, ANAL HOOKS SHOULD NEVER BE USED TO SUSPEND SOMEONE. The hook can be part of the rope work, and tension can be placed on the anus, but the main weight of the person should be placed on other parts of the body.

Never, EVER suspend someone by their anus.

How you choose to be suspended is up to you, but just as with predicament bondage, the hook itself plays a large role in the control and movement of the body. Whichever style of ropework you choose to go for, the person tying them needs to really know what they’re doing, and you should enver be tied in a way that restricts your breathing.

Safety when using anal hooks

Safety is a big concern with anal hooks, and is probably one of the primary reasons why people are reluctant to give too much advice on the topic. While normal anal play safety still applies, with things such as ensuring you have enough lube, taking your time, not double dipping in another persons anus or even your own vagina without cleaning, and removing the hook if you begin to feel any pain being important. There are however, some extra considerations due to the nature of activity you’ll probably be undertaking while wearing the hooks.

Did I mention you should never suspend someone by an anal hook? Well I’m going to say it one more time to make sure. If too much pressure is places on the anal muscles by the hook, its a really easy way to get a tear and have to take a trip to the emergency room. Sudden movements or fast jerks of the hook once it’s inside can have the same effect, so make sure everything is going slowly and carefully.

If you are experimenting with the more extreme ends of anal play, including bondage and roleplay, a safe word is incredibly important. This is a word which you are unlikely to say during your session, but if any member of the involved group say it then everything must stop immediately. Any reason for this is fine, be it pain, psychological, comfort, whatever, just be sure you have a safe word in place before you begin, and that you trust the people you’re with to respect this.

Depending on the level of bondage you decide to employ, some people (particularly couples) like to leave some room for escape in emergencies. This could be one knot tied a little looser so someone can slip out, or any keys needed in an easy to reach place. While it can slightly invalidate the feeling of being completely at the mercy of another, you can suspend this disbelief a bit for the sake of safety. If something were to happen causing a loss of consiousness in the controlling partner, then the person bound would be able to get out and help. This is somewhat invalidated though if three or more people are present.

A final and somewhat interesting safety consideration is actually your surroundings. While most people will want to perform these kinds of activities in the privacy of their own homes and bedrooms, this doesn’t always mean it is totally private. If things were to become a bit heated or loud during your session, and your neighbours overhear, they might think that something terrible is happening and call the police. In some parts of the world you cannot consent to assault, so even if you partake in consensual BDSM you are at some risk of getting into trouble, so always be aware of things like noise levels, and if you like it loud then look into some soundproofing for privacy.

Cleaning anal hooks

Like many other elements of anal hook use, cleaning them is very similar to any other sex toy. You can choose to use a specific sex toy cleaner, or simply soapy water. As hooks are made of steel in most cases, the best way to sterilise them will usually be to boil them, and then let them dry naturally. Once dry, be sure to store them properly so they cannot become contaminated between uses.

That just about covers everything to do with anal hooks. There’s literally a ton of info there, and you should take some time to process everything properly and discuss it with partners before jumping straight in. Much of the process of being restricted during sex is highly trust based, so it’s important to be open and honest with anyone who will be involved as to what you expect to get out of the experience. Once you and anyone who will be helping is prepared though, get ready to experience something quite unlike a traditional sexual experience. Before long you’ll be hooked!

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