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Is it Safe to Share Your Butt Plugs?

You've started having some fun using your butt plug on your partner. It looks great, they're really enjoying it. It's turning you on so much you want to have a go too. All you need to do is take the plug out and start using it yourself. Right?

Easy, there are some risks you should know about

Well, no. Essentially. While butt plugs themselves are largely safe as long as you know what you're doing, when you start transferring them from one person to another you open a whole new can of worms regarding your health.

If it's something being used vaginally, then you have to decide if it's someone you would trust to have unprotected sex with. If you wouldn’t put your own parts at risk, don’t risk it with a butt plug. Put a condom on it.

When using toys anally, however, there are a lot more bacteria at play. These bacteria are easily transferred onto your toy while plugging, plus if you're a little bit too rough and tear your anal lining, you could also be adding blood-borne bacteria and infections to the mix. Not a nice cock-tail (sorry I had to).

So, I should never share my butt plugs with people?

If it can be helped then no. It's much safer and much more hygienic to have separate toys for you and your partner. Of course, not everyone will, and sometimes the "it'll be fine" instinct is just too strong.

If you're going to share your toys they need to be thoroughly cleaned before the second person starts using them. Refer to our guide to cleaning your toys for more info on how to effectively do this.

You should also bear in mind what materials your toys are made from. More specifically, whether it is a porous material or a non-porous material.

Porous materials are basically materials covered in tiny holes. The bacteria from inside your anus and its lining can easily get stuck between and inside these tiny holes. So even though you've given it a good scrub and you think it's clean, it might not be.

Non-Porous Toy Materials

100% silicone. While this one is non- porous and could be used safely after washing, you must be sure you actually have a 100% silicone toy. If it is mixed with any other materials then it could compromise the toy, making it easier for bacteria to get in there.

Metal and glass. These are probably the safest kinds of toys you can share. You can use most kinds of cleaners on them and even boil them to make sure all the nasties are well and truly gone.

Porous toy materials

Thermoplastic rubber. Toys made of this material are definitely going to harbor bacteria. There were even some studies done in America where a thermoplastic toy could keep traces of various STDs for multiple days even after cleaning. If you must share one of these, make sure to use a condom.

Latex and Elastomers. As with thermoplastic, latex is also porous but is also very difficult to clean properly. Using a condom with these kinds of toys is generally advised both to keep safe, and help your toy stay nice and fresh.

Jelly Toys

Always always always use a condom on these bad boys. Sharing or not. Materials which go in jelly toys can not only be porous but sometimes even toxic. Not only that, but it can be notoriously difficult to even find out what "jelly" is made of.

I hope this gives you a bit of an insight into being safe with your butt plugs, but if you're ever worried about it. Just pretend it's a part of your real body. You'd use protection for your real body, use it for the plug.