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Can You Wear Butt Plugs at a Nudist Resort?

Wait, Butt Plugs at a Nudist Resort?

Yes, you’ve heard that correctly. Some people love the idea of visiting a nudist beach with a little something extra up their rear end. The question is can you do it, or rather should you?

Why Would Anyone Do It?

Indeed, another valid question.

One of many sexual fantasies both genders have is walking in public with a sex toy inside of them.

For example, exhibitionist women like using vibrators, dildos or clit massagers while they’re doing the shopping.

Sometimes, they do it in public transportation too. At other times, they do it at massive gatherings.

It’s the thrill of “getting caught” and “trying to keep it in” that makes the whole thing interesting.

Often, you would read about sex toy challenges on adult play forums like getDare, KinkTalk, FetLife or even Literotica that include public exhibitionism.

Naturally, a lot of people accept these challenges, with varying results.

However, that’s different. Even if you have a sex toy in or on your body, you’re still fully clothed. You’re still hiding it.

This is an entirely different story. We’re talking about having a very visible butt plug in your very visible butt in front of hundreds of people.

Another, different type of thrill takes over. It’s the thrill of others knowing what you’re doing rather than you hiding it from them in plain sight.

But again, the questions of “can you do it” and “should you do it” remain. So let’s address them below.

Can I Wear A Butt Plug On A Nudist Beach?

Now, even when it comes to this question, it’s important to know that there are two types of “can” to discuss here.

The first has to deal with your own body, whereas the second has to do with the limitations of a nudist beach resort.

1. My Body, My Limits

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information about nudist beach butt plug use, other than dozens of porn videos about it. And let’s be realistic, those are staged anyway.

However, plenty of blogs, websites and public speakers have written on the topic of leaving the butt plug inside for long periods of time.

Naturally, if you’re going to a nudist beach, you’ll be spending hours there. You’ll want to sleep, run, swim, walk or stretch.

All of these actions are pretty normal in and of themselves. However, it all changes when you have a foreign object up your anal cavity.

Any sudden movement can damage the inner walls of your anus if not cause outright bleeding. And the last thing anyone wants to see on a nudist beach is someone’s behind bleeding profusely.

So it’s safe to say you’d have to avoid all physical activity on the beach.

But what about sleeping or resting? Those activities don’t take a lot of physical effort.

Plenty of people ask this question, especially if they want to sleep with their butt plug in. But sleeping with it is just as dangerous!

Not only will the natural processes (i.e., defecation) be more prone to happening with the toy in, but you’ll also possibly damage the rectum while sleeping since you won’t be aware of any pain initially.

Lastly, you need to know how long your body actually allows you to keep the plug inside.

Most people recommend 2–3 hours at the very most. However, the best average time would be around 20–30 minutes.

But you still have to pull it out and clean it, and that’s definitely not something other nudists want to see in public.

The short answer is: No, you can’t use a butt plug for that long on a nudist beach.

2. Nudist Beach Resort Rules

Nudist beaches can be very strict with their rules.

After all, you are joining a massive open area filled to the brim with naked strangers. Something is bound to go wrong if there are no regulations.

That’s why nudist resorts don’t allow cameras or excessive jewelry to be taken to the beach.

Other items such as books, playing cards, bottled water, etc. are allowed. Some are even mandatory, such as sunscreen, towels, parasols and so on.

Not to mention a fresh change of clothes. When you leave the resort, you have to leave dressed!

What you definitely mustn’t exhibit is overt sexual behavior. For instance, you can’t stare at other people.

It’s important to remember that a nudist resort services people of all ages. That includes children and the elderly. So having a sexual object in plain sight is very much a bad idea.

In terms of a public nudist beach, having sex or using a sex toy is a no-no. Just use a hotel room for those.

But it’s not just limited to sex toys. Earlier, we stated that you couldn’t take jewelry either.

That actually includes piercings. So if you have an elaborate piercing on your scrotum or your labia or even your nipples, it would be a wise idea to remove them.

Ultimately, it comes down to what regulations the beach has.

Some private beaches are also swingers clubs, and there you might be able to get away with kinky behavior. But this fantasy includes a public beach.

Another short answer — no, you can’t.

Should I Wear A Butt Plug On A Nudist Beach?

If the text above wasn’t enough to convince you, let’s get into some real talk.

It’s one thing to conceal your sex toy in public. After all, you will only get in trouble if you get caught.

But it’s an entirely different thing to do it at a nudist resort.

Contrary to what the “butt plug challenge” videos on porn sites show you, nudist beaches are just like regular beaches with an optional dress code.

You don’t go there to release your inner pervert. You go there to relax, have a swim and enjoy the sun.

Entire families sometimes go there and anything sexual will be inappropriate.

Sometimes, it’s a question of safety and decency.

You really don’t want to end up in jail just because you wanted to have some anal fun, do you (no pun intended)?

Also, you do need to keep in mind that an elderly woman or a ten-year-old kid can see you just as much as anyone else. That raises a whole host of other red flags.

Again, we must stress, if you really do have a desire to wear a butt plug on a nudist beach, make sure it’s a private one or that it belongs to a swingers club.

And even while you’re there, make sure you use the butt plug safely. When it comes to wearing butt plugs on a public nudist beach, the answer is again, rather short and simple.

You probably shouldn’t!