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Guide to Cleaning Anal Sex Toys

More and more people are discovering the wonderful world of anal sex and anal pleasure in recent years. With people picking up all kinds of wonderful products such as butt plugs, anal beads, anal hooks, prostate massagers, and many more. To make sure that you’re getting the most out of your anal toys, and keeping your sexual play nice and healthy, you need to know how to keep everything properly cleaned.

However, as more and more people become aware of the need to keep toys clean, several myths have unfortunately begun to spread. With all of the ‘clean your toys quicker than ever’ articles or ‘miracle cleaning solutions’ being advertised, it’s hard to know what the truth about sex toy hygiene really is. Take this ‘True or False’ quiz to start separating the squeaky-clean from the simply stinky! You can even share your results on social media to show your friends that you’re a true butt plug cleaning expert!

Why you need to clean your sex toys

People all over the world are constantly reminded to take care when engaging in sexual activities with others, or risk all kinds of nasty infections and diseases. What a lot of people don’t realise though, is that using sex toys carries exactly the same kinds of risks, so keeping them properly clean and safe is of utmost importance.

We aren’t just talking about generic germs here. While bacteria and germs can quite obviously stay on the surface of your toys even between uses, just like any other surface in your house, the key difference here is that the toys are going inside your body. It’s not even a necessarily nice part of your body. The anus not only carries all kinds of stomach and faeces related bacteria, but can carry some STIs and STDs.


When you use a sex toy these bacteria can all cling to the surface, and over time can break down the surface of the toy. Even worse, if your toy is made of a porous material, the bacteria can get inside the actual surface itself. Studies have shown that these germs and infections can stay on sex toys for days after use, so cleaning them shortly after you are done with them is of utmost importance.

Another important note is on sharing of sex toys. While in an ideal world, each person would have their own toys just for their butts, it’s understandable that they can be expensive, and sometimes you want to share. The easiest, and safest way to do this is by using a condom on the toy, just like you would a penis. Changing the condom between users ensures that the toy stays nice and clean. If you aren’t going to use a condom, then the toys will need to be cleaned between users so the bacteria aren’t transferred between partners.

What happens if I don’t?

While this is something I’d hope you wouldn’t need to know, I’ll mention it anyway. If you choose not to keep your anal sex toys clean, then you’ll be putting yourself at risk of bacterial infections, yeast infections, STI or STD transmission, and if you consistently leave your toys dirty, then they can even start to break down and disperse some of the materials while inside your body. If you aren’t looking after your toys you’ll also need to buy new ones more often.

How to clean Anal Toys

There are many methods used to clean anal sex toys, and most of them are very simple. Which method you need to use though, will depend on which material your sex toy is made of. This will be one of either two categories, porous materials, or non-porous materials.

Porous materials

Porous materials are those which have pores large enough to allow bacteria inside them. In some objects, this is extremely useful, but in sex toys it means that any nasty bacteria are able to get not only on the surface of the toy but inside the material itself. Porous sex toy materials include jelly, rubber, latex, cyberskin, and many more.

Due to the bacteria getting inside porous sex toys, it’s important to note that these toys will never be truly clean. Even so, you should still wash them after every use, and if possible, cover them with condoms during use.

To clean porous sex toy materials, it is usually recommended to stick to plain warm water. Even soap will be able to get into the pores of the material, and then be released into your body during use. With your warm water, gently wipe down all areas of your toy, and then use some paper towels to gently dry it.

Non-porous materials

Non-porous materials are much safer, and much easier to keep clean. They include materials like silicone, glass, and steel. We would always recommend you pick up a non-porous sex toy if at all possible.

Most non-porous materials will be perfectly safe to simply boil, purging all germs from the surface in the process. Submerge the toy in the boiling water for around ten minutes, and then remove and dry as normal. Another option for porous materials is to simply chuck them in the dishwasher without any soap.

If boiling water or dishwashers aren’t ideal, then warm soapy water will suffice. Just be sure to thoroughly rinse the toy afterwards to make sure any soapy residue is gone, and give the toy a good dry off with a paper towel.

Liquid Soap

Some companies also manufacture a specific sex toy cleaner, which is a specially formulated type of soap designed specifically for sex toys. In most cases, these will be unnecessary as traditional cleaning methods are perfectly acceptable. If you’re a germaphobe though, you might want to pick one up for your own peace of mind.

A final note on specific sex toys is those with vibration. These should never be submerged completely in water, or you run the risk of water getting into the moving parts, or electrical motors. With these you should carefully wipe the surfaces with a clean cloth and warm soapy water.

Simple really, so you have no excuse whatsoever! Your toys should be cleaned after each and every use, then stored in a specific place to stop them becoming contaminated between uses. The boxes they came in are a great option, as not only are they the right size and shape, but they usually carry cleaning instructions in case you ever forget how yours should be cleaned.